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Dominos and Barbaro Mojo Fathers Day Bundle

Dominos and Barbaro Mojo Fathers Day Bundle

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Introducing the perfect gift for the spicy food lover in your life! Our gift box includes two bottles of Barbaro, a deliciously spicy Cuban Mojo-based hot sauce, and a traditional Cuban Dominos set.

Barbaro hot sauce is made with a blend of fiery Cuban peppers and tangy mojo sauce, creating a flavor that's truly unique and unforgettable. Perfect for spicing up your favorite dishes or adding a kick to your cocktails, Barbaro is a must-have for any spice enthusiast.

And to add a touch of classic Cuban fun to your gift, we've also included a traditional Dominos set. Perfect for long nights by the fire or family game nights, this Dominos set is sure to be a hit with everyone on your list.

*Cuban dominoes utilize a double-nine set of 55 domino  


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