About Barbaro Mojo

Meet Mario the Maker, aka “Bárbaro”

¡Qué bárbaro!” = Spanish for “Awesome”, “Wow”, “Fantastic”!

Serial entrepreneur Mario Cruz hosts an annual “Noche Buena” (Christmas Eve) pig roast for friends and family. A few years ago, he and his son thought about spicing up his lechon by adding a few more ingredients to his already tasty mojo. The results were amazing! People raved about the taste of the roast and enquired about secret ingredients. Instead of spilling the beans, he began making a few bottles of his signature sauce every Noche Buena and noticed that every year supplies vanished, often before the end of the meal. People loved the spicy kick in the “mojo” based hot sauce! 

So in 2020, while quarantined during the start of the COVID pandemic, he enlisted his wife to start a business around sharing his new found passion with the rest of the world. The lockdown also gave him that extra time he needed to build and plant his own pepper garden which is where the base of his amazing sauces came from.   

Mario hopes that his tasty Cuban Hot Sauces can give a kick to any dish you are bold enough to prepare and maybe, just maybe…you can hear Qué Bárbaro! after your guests have taken a few bites.