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Piñazo™ Cuban Hot Sauce made for a Punch

Piñazo™ Cuban Hot Sauce made for a Punch

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Pineapple, matched with Carolina Reapers, and of course a few of our signature Cuban ingredients... it's the perfect punch for any boring meal.  


Winner of 2nd place in People’s Choice Awards at the ZestFest 2024! 

Heat Level:

Ingredients: Onions, Yellow Tomatoes(Datterini tomatoes, juice from Datterini tomatoes), pineapple juice, Pineapple, Distilled Vinegar, Fresno Peppers, Habanero Peppers, Yellow Bell Pepper, Garlic, Salt, CarolinaReaper Peppers, Spices.

What makes it a Cuban Hot Sauce? Our hot sauces have a Cuban sour-orange marinade ("mojo") base. So you get all the kick of spicy peppers with a tangy Cuban taste!

¡Qué bárbaro! (Amazing, fantastic, tremendous, savage!)

Try it on: Pizza, Tacos, Chicken Wings, Chili,Burgers, Stews and Eggs any way.

Size: 5 fl oz

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