Rooted in Flavor: The Origin of Barbaro Mojo

Discover the captivating story behind Barbaro Mojo Company, where passion and tradition blend to create our renowned hot sauce blends. From our humble beginnings to the vibrant kitchens of today, join us on a journey celebrating the essence of authentic Cuban taste.

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  • Barbaro Mojo hot sauce heat indicator 5 Stars

    Misty Mustelier

    Barbaro Mojo Jalabao is absolutely my favorite! A bottle of it doesn’t last long in my house. Can’t wait to try the hotter sauces.

  • Barbaro Mojo hot sauce heat indicator 5 Stars

    Tom Kavan

    I love hot sauce. At any given time I have 5+ different flavors and styles in the fridge. Barbaro Mojo make some of my favorite sauces. Mild to wild, they will have something you like.

  • Barbaro Mojo hot sauce heat indicator 5 Stars

    Miguel Corteguera

    Love Barbaro Mojo! Great favors with just the right kick of spice. Jalabao (the green one) is my go to one so far.

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What makes the hot sauces small-batch?

At Barbaro Mojo, we take pride in crafting our hot sauces exclusively in small batches. As the makers behind each fiery creation, we embrace our beginnings in the industry, handcrafting our sauces with care in shared kitchens or co-packing spaces. Unlike mass-produced options found in grocery stores (no disrespect to Tabasco sauce!), our approach allows us to prioritize quality with responsibly-sourced ingredients like garlic, jalapeno, vinegar, habanero pepper, carrot, cilantro, and more.

What is your hottest hot sauce?

Our hottest sauce is the Best Day Ever™

Where can I find the best hot sauce recipes?

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